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At the foundation of the success of Yogurtland, a chain of frozen yoghurt stores in the United States is the quality and freshness of the ingredients that they use in all of their recipes. The business has been in operation since 2006, founded by Philip Chang who came up with the original concept of a self service frozen yoghurt establishment.

Some of the most popular flavours sold by the store include salted caramel pecan and coconut mango. All of the flavours of frozen yoghurt available have been developed in house by a specialist team of what the company term flavourologists.

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Check out their Official Social Media page for stuff.
A lot more other things to stay in touch there. Until June 2017.

Use their mobile apps in order to get FREE yoghurt. Either use the Google Play App, either the Itunes for Apple app.
You get rewards and free stuff with your smartphone and their app.


Check out their Locations (find one fast).

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