Wash Tub Coupons

Wash Tub is the name of a car washing and car detailing service in the United States which currently operates out of more than twenty outlets throughout San Diego. The chain is known for the high levels of customer service that they provide as well as the quality of the services that they provide.

The car wash service that they provide comes with a 48 hour clean car guarantee. Wash Tub also provide discounts and coupons to customers who sign up to their email program. The company also have a wash tub app which can be downloaded from either the Apple store or Google Play.

Check out their Wash Club in order to save.
You get all type of benefits with the car wash membership price. You get discounts, but also other good stuff. Expires 30 June 2017.

You get discounts and special offers with their iTunes app.
One other way to stay in touch with their special offers.

You also get special offers via their Google Play App.
This way you will get their special offers directly via your smartphone.

Also Check out their Official Facebook page for even more.
Another way to stay in touch with their savings.


Check out their Locations (need to find one near you?).

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