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DoubleDaves Pizzaworks is a chain of pizza restaurants which have their headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company was founded by David Davydd in 1984 in College Station, Texas. There are currently more than fifty outlets in the chain located throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Though known primarily as a pizza restaurant one of their most popular dishes, and one which they have become noted for is the Peproni Rolls. The menu contains all of the pizza dishes that you would expect as well as a number of pasta dishes and sides. It is a popular dining place for people with families of all ages.

Check out their Specialty Pizzas here.
You see there their specialty pizza’s (haven’t seen a discount). Also, kid’s four and under get to eat for FREE when it’s a buffet, but it only depends on the location. Until September 2017.

Check out their Official Facebook page for more info.
A good way to ask/find relevant info / discounts / more.

Check out the $10 Pizza of the month (July 2015).
Expires 31 July 2015.


Find out a location near you fast.

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