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The Delta Sonic story begins in 1967 in Niagara Falls, thanks to the tender loving care that customers cars received from the staff at the wash it soon became known as the Kissing Car Wash. Throughout the seventies the business was expanded and new foams and washes were added which were gentle on the car and provided an even greater level of TLC in the form of the Touch Less Car Wash; the most gentle yet efficient wash available.

With a rewards scheme offering discounts of the cost of gasoline and a wide range of wash and detailing services available the business is as popular as ever.

Sign up to their e-mail club for discounts & coupons.
One way to get discounts & savings (not available somewhere else) is to sign up to their e-mail club. You just need your email address / postal code to make the magic happen.

Check out their Special Deals page for even more stuff.
One way to get discounts / special deals is to visit their Special Deals page. For the moment is not available / under construction. Expires 30 June 2017.

Use the Card to Save on Gas.
Because Rewards was closed on 12 January 2015, they decided to have another way to save for you.

Check out their Official Facebook account for more.
A cool way to stay in touch with their latest discounts / info is on their Facebook account.


See their Locations (find one near you).

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